After-sales maintenance

Mulchers are complex technological devices that constantly work under heavy load and require high-quality service. Our desire is to ensure the stability of your equipment.

Thanks to our own service, we respond quickly to calls. We carry out work in any region of Ukraine. During the repair we use only original spare parts, which are always available in stock.

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Note that manufacturers are constantly refining, improving and adapting their models to the needs of Ukrainian customers. Active cooling systems are added, body and cutter materials are experimented with, electronic node condition monitoring modules are implemented. Due to the fact that technology changes dynamically, professional maintenance of mulchers is very important.

We are often asked:

Why is it desirable to carry out service with us?

Our service department has many years of experience in maintaining mulchers. Specialists are constantly training, improving their skills at Picursa (Spain) and Valentini (Italy) companies. They improve their practical skills in the maintenance of components and units. Service cars are organized with all necessary equipment.

How long to wait for spare parts?

Spare parts for the top models Hammer-S, Fighter and Tekken are always available in stock in Alexandria. Term of delivery of spare parts under the order, to 10 days.

Decided to buy a used mulcher?

Important! If you decide to buy a used mulcher, be sure to make an initial diagnosis. We recommend replacing lubricants and installing new cutters. Call us, we know the features of each known model of mulcher.

The main causes of malfunction of the mulcher?

Often the cause of mulcher's malfunction is improper operation and use of unprofessionally selected components. By replacing belts, bearings, oil seals or lubricants in the mulcher with premium brand's ones, you may not get the proper reliability. Why? Because it is necessary to take into account the operating conditions: temperature, vibration properties and load characteristics.
It is better to entrust this work to our service center, namely to specialists with experience in such work.

Video review of the performed after-sale maintenance

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Uprooting with a mulcher is a modern, efficient and environmentally friendly way of cultivation of the land. Eliminates the negative effects from burning of snags, using of chemical reagents, the involvement of heavy equipment, utilization of stumps.

Uproot correctly - uproot with Picursa!

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