Clearing power lines

Clearing of power lines is an important and responsible task. It is no secret that the protection zone under power lines is a place of increased danger. Unwanted vegetation under power lines is a source of fire danger. Tree branches can damage pole supports and electrical wires. This area needs constant care and cleaning, as in case of emergencies, equipment and personnel must be able to easily get to the scene of the accident. According to the accepted norms, undesirable vegetation is subject to obligatory removal.

How were the power lines cleared before?

Unfortunately, even today, some companies are trying to deal with unwanted vegetation “old-fashioned” methods: axes, saws or homemade devices. Such cleaning is ineffective and dangerous. Even the use of special equipment, such as an excavator or bulldozer, creates many problems after the treatment of the site. There are still large pits, a lot of cut growth, which must be removed or disposed of on site. You also have to use a lot of manpower.


Modern methods of clearing of power lines

However, progress is not standing still. At present, it is much more profitable to use a single unit of equipment to clear power lines – mulcher. This unit is mounted on a tractor hitch and is controlled by one operator. Cultivates from 2 hectares per work shift, grinds in mulch tree trunks up to 40 cm in diameter, resulting in a uniform layer of wood chips, which prevents the growth of weeds. In case of wet weather, a layer of mulch allows the service car to drive to the place of work.

Mulching is the most effective way to remove vegetation on power lines. Due to the continuous cultivation of the territory, the time between such clearings increases

Our company provides services for cleaning power lines with mulcher FIGHTER 2600 from PICURSA Company. The cost of such work is calculated in each case individually, as it depends on the amount of vegetation, its type (trees, shrubs), the volume of the territory and other factors. Contact us at tel. +38097 701 24 00 and our specialists will answer all your questions. You can also just chat on the site.

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