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What is the difference between surface mulcher, cutter and rotovator?


A mulcher is a tractor attachment that crushes any wood, shoots on the surface of the earth, that is, it works without deepening into the soil. It is also called – forest mulcher. The result of this technique is mulch lying on the surface of the soil.

A milling cutter (modern name is a rotovator) is an analogue of a mulcher, it differs from a surface mulcher in that it crushes stumps and roots with a depth of up to 40 cm into the ground. An additional advantage of the rototiller is the mixing of mulch with the ground.

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As a result of this technique, you get a loose soil surface enriched with natural nutrients. The land is ready for planting crops.

Today on the territory of Ukraine there are two types of tillage cutters. PICURSA HAMMER-S – designed specifically for working with large areas of land. The maximum working width is 2600 mm. Another species is PICURSA HAMMER-T. The peculiarity of this unit is a narrow rotor, 530-830 mm wide and designed specifically for the formation of beds. This cutter is designed for forestry. It helps to switch to mechanical planting of tree seedlings, as well as sowing the acorns themselves. In addition, PICURSA HAMMER-T is used to form firebreaks in the forest.

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Unlike the surface mulcher, the tiller is always located behind the tractor, it is connected to a three-point hitch and is hydraulically controlled. The main work is always carried out when the tractor is moving. The rotation speed of the rotor in the PICURSA cutter is from 540 rpm, it has a large torque, sufficient to crush the roots and the ball of the earth.

I would like to summarize all of the above. A tillage cutter for a tractor is a complex and very effective technique. It can be applied both in agriculture, and in the forestry and municipal sphere. Most importantly, uprooting with a cutter is the most environmentally friendly method in the fight against unwanted growth on the site. Wriggle the right way – wriggle with PICURSA!

Recommended models

Mulcher model Working depth Tractor power


до 15 100 - 160


до 25 140 - 215


до 40 257 - 500


до 50 320 - 570

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