Equipment launch and training

The greatest reward for us is a satisfied customer who purchased our mulcher. We are pleased to be expert and helpful, watching with what enthusiasm the customer uses the equipment, enjoys the process and the result of its work.

Correct operation of the mulcher, like any complex equipment, requires practical skills. One of the points, after purchasing a mulcher, is the start-up of the equipment and training of operators directly on the customer’s territory.


Our service specialists put the equipment into operation, assemble it with the tractor, and immediately advise on how to properly operate and maintain it. We pay particular attention to the training of machine operators on the client’s plots of land. This is a very important process, because the desired result during the operation of the mulcher directly depends on the correct use of the equipment. The volume of cleared hectares, the amount of fuel consumed and the load of the tractor in general depends on the professional skills of the operator.

Thus, by choosing Picursa mulchers, the client receives reliable equipment and full consultation on its operation, as well as support for further work.

Our goal is for the client’s mechanics to start working like ours as soon as possible!

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