Agricultural machines in leasing

Agricultural technologies are constantly evolving, which means that regular renewal of the park with modern equipment requires free funds. Leasing will help to purchase the necessary agricultural machinery.

Leasing is a finance lease with the right of redemption. You will be able to operate the equipment and machinery you need for a certain period of time for a fee. After the full “repayment” of the cost of the equipment, you become its full owner. The collateral of the agreement is the equipment itself.

We offer equipment in leasing.

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Just for 1% per year! Funding period is 12 months,
subject to a 30% prepayment

Advantages of financial leasing

  • Payments are made in national currency – no currency risks.
  • Neither additional payments during the entire leasing period, nor additional collateral.
  • The Bank is responsible for arrangement, registration and insurance of the leased object.
  • The calculated schedule of lease payments allows you to plan current and future expenses.
  • Individual approach to your business.
  • Loyal approach to customer risk assessment and prompt decision-making (within 1 day).
  • Reduction of working capital costs due to a small initial payment and installments spread over months.
  • Transport / equipment is placed on the lessee’s balance sheet

Наші партнери

Our partners “Privat Bank”, “Kredobank” and “OTP Bank” offer a modern and convenient solution for the purchase of equipment in financial leasing.

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