Mulcher for excavator

Mulcher for excavator

An excavator mulcher is an important tool that is used in forestry, municipal and road management to combat shoots, branches and bushes.

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About technology


This technique is designed for excavator owners who are looking for a quick and effective way to clear areas of vegetation. The leader in this area is the PICURSA Retro Tekken mulcher. It has performed well in clearing roadsides, ditches, slopes, parks and public areas. Thanks to the boom, the mounted mulcher on the excavator has become an indispensable assistant, as it helps remove plant growth in hard-to-reach places.

Mulcher for excavators

Functional Features

Retro Tekken is equipped with a hydraulic motor with an oil flow of 160 to 300 l/min, installed on different models of excavator weighing from 18-30 tons.

    This mulcher has an important function – protecting equipment from damage. Its specially designed design allows the hammers to automatically rebound when they collide with obstacles such as rocks or tree trunks. This protects the equipment from unexpected damage and ensures a long service life.

    Mulcher for excavator 2


    When choosing a mulcher for an excavator, you are choosing a comprehensive solution that will save time in the future and make human work easier. This is a powerful tool that allows you to effectively and quickly clear areas of vegetation. Its design is well thought out and increases the productivity of clearing the area of overgrowth. Using this innovative equipment will make your agricultural and forestry operations more efficient and profitable.
    The use of a mulcher on an excavator boom ensures safe operation of the operator in case of accidental interaction with explosive objects, which is relevant now and for many years to come.

    Recommended models

    Тип Серія

    Rotator for depth to the tractor

    Surface mulcher, for tractor from 200 to 500 hp

    Surface mulcher, for tractor up to 200 hp

    Hydraulic arm mulcher

    Surface mulcher for excavator

    For the loader (hydraulic drive)

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