Mulcher rental

Today, almost every farmer has overgrown plots of land that he does not use due to overgrowth. In search of a solution, overgrowth of their plots, most farms prefer to use an ecological method – mulchers.

The question arises: “What is the best way to do it?” Should I buy machinery for my personal park or rent a mulcher?” Let’s try to figure out what is better to choose.

Renting a mulcher is beneficial if:

  • plot of land for uprooting up to 40 ha;
  • there is no tractor with a power of 300 hp or more in the park;
  • insufficient funds to purchase a mulcher;
  • order a mulcher rental to personally test the equipment before purchasing.


However, if you have a large plot of land, want to save money and ensure the work of mechanics during idle periods – choose PICURSA mulchers. Work by yourself, on your own schedule, without overpaying for equipment rental.

The quality of the equipment exceeds the nominal cost.

  • Economical consumption of diesel fuel.
  • Adapted to Ukrainian soils.
  • Equipment productivity from 4 hectares per day.
  • Easy to maintain, spare parts available in stock.
  • Extremely reliable and undemanding to working conditions.

It should be noted that after purchasing a personal mulcher Fighter 2600 or Rotator Hammer-S 2600, in the future you will be able to provide mulcher rental services personally, for example, to neighboring farms, construction companies, etc.

    If you have any questions, contact our managers in contacts. Visit a demonstration of Picursa mulchers. You can make the right decision just after visiting a demo show and seeing for yourself the results of the technology.

    We assure you, Picursa equipment is worth your attention!

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