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Today, more than ever, farmers are faced with the task of increasing labor efficiency while minimizing costs. We offer you solutions for fast unloading of fertilizers, bulk cargo from big-bags – OpenBag dispenser manufactured by our company “Allur-Agro”.

It is not necessary to buy additional units of equipment to increase the speed of agricultural work. All you need to do is set up efficient delivery of seeds and fertilizers, as well as fast loading of your sowing machines.

Patent full
A Ukrainian patent was obtained for the OpenBag big-bag dispenser.

Advantages of working with OpenBag ™

  • Savings due to no spillage when loading the sowing machine.
  • Improving the productivity of equipment by increasing the loading speed.
  • Convenience, simplicity and safety of use.
  • The possibility of further use of big bags by minimizing their damage.
  • Management of the flow of big-bag content, one person is enough to work.
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Big-bag dispenseror auger?

Advantages of OpenBag dispenser before the usual screw dispenser for loading of seeders:

  • The seeder’s loading speed is 4 times faster.
  • Increase of productivity of a seeder on 75 hectares for sowing.
  • The integrity of sowing material and fertilizers is not violated.
  • Due to sowing in agronomic terms – increase in yield by 15-20%.

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