Clearing the area from overgrowth

We provide a wide range of services for clearing areas of vegetation of any complexity. We take objects to work anywhere in Ukraine. Regardless of whether you have an old garden, an overgrown field, an area for construction or a forest plantation – you will get the turnkey result you need.

The Allur Agro team works using two tractors (wheeled) equipped with powerful mulchers. A team of professional tractor drivers will work on your site.

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To clean the overgrown plot of land, the forest mulcher PICURSA FIGHTER 2600 is used, which is able to effectively destroy the overgrowth from trees and shrubs on the surface. It shreds bushes and trees up to 50 cm in diameter. The result of its work is a fine mulch evenly distributed over the ground.

The next stage of cleaning is the operation of the PICURSA HAMMER-S 2600 rotovator, which is able to crush roots and stumps. This technique works up to 40 cm deep into the soil, and its specially designed teeth allow it to break through the roots and stumps of oak and ash. The result of the work is a mixed mulch with the ground.

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Our experience in providing uprooting services allows us to take on areas of any complexity. We know how to efficiently clear undergrowth while ensuring proper tillage.

Our machinery works throughout the year and is the most economical option for clearing large areas of land from trees, stumps and grass, before sowing or planting new crops. Contact us and we will help you realize your plans for the processing and cleaning of an abandoned site.

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