Uprooting in winter

Some believe that field work stops in the winter or with the onset of frost. You’ll be surprised, but it’s not quite so – with the advent of mulchers, this stereotype was destroyed. Winter uprooting is a common practice nowadays.

Many farming companies have already purchased and successfully use forest cutters in the winter. They are used for the development of new territories and putting of abandoned gardens and fields into crop rotation. Mulcher – is a universal mechanism that works 24/7. Its functionality is limited only by the passability of the main unit (tractor, excavator or loader).


Uprooting during cold has a number of advantages:

  • Surface mulcher works better in winter, because wood and growth freezes, becomes more fragile, chips smaller;
  • Fuel consumption directly depends on soil moisture. That is, fuel consumption in the winter of the mulcher-rotator will be lower than in autumn or spring, frozen ground gives less resistance;
  • The issue of employment of machine operators during the period of downtime is resolved.
  • Uprooting is a laborious process for a tractor. In summer, the equipment suffers from overheating, which does not happen in winter.

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It will be recalled that the main manufacturers of mulchers are European companies from countries with warm climates. They usually take little account of seasonal temperature fluctuations, which are typical for Ukraine. Accordingly, the equipment is less durable, because the system of work in winter conditions and the main components are not so well thought out. However, we found the optimal solution.

In practice, we provide services in winter. We know all the features and nuances of working in harsh seasons. For those who want the equipment to work regardless of the season, we recommend PICURSA mulchers. The reliability of FIGHTER 2600 and HAMMER-S 2600 was tested by us personally at a temperature of -15 ° C.

We supply the Ukrainian market with models of forest mulchers and rotators, which are adapted to Ukrainian soils. We provide uprooting services all year round, there is no seasonality for us. uprooting in winter is not a problem for us, contact us!

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