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Tired of paying rent for an overgrown field or an old garden? Looking for field recultivation options? First you need to determine what the desired result is.

From our experience, we prefer a modern and environmentally friendly method – uprooting with the mulcher (deforestation).

We provide deforestation services throughout Ukraine. Our expertise is based on uprooting of abandoned fields, orchards, returning forested lands for crop rotation. We have experience with different types of soils and the degree of afforestation from shrubs to trees 20 m high.

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Deforestation by the surface mulcher
Complex uprooting
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This is the fastest and most economical way to clean the land from overgrowth, wood. Has a number of advantages in comparison with uprooting by the excavator, the bulldozer, tree puller Alligator.

Where is it used?

It is usually used for surface clearing of large areas of land: agricultural lands, gardens, forest belts, roadsides, cleaning of power lines, gas and oil pipelines. If necessary, deforestation will allow you to quickly prepare the area for construction.

Which equipment do we use?

For work we use forest mulcher Fighter 2600, produced by the Spanish company Picursa. This is top professional model. It works with any afforestation, has no restrictions in work. It shreds branches, trees (up to 40 cm in diameter), removes shrubs and undergrowth. The result is a clear field.

Which is the productivity?

Productivity varies from 2-5 hectares per one working period. Depends on the density of the growth and the thickness of the wood. A team of highly qualified mechanics works 24/7.

What is the fuel consumption level?

The tractor with attached Picursa mulcher shows economical diesel fuel consumption. With average afforestation - up to 200 liters per hectare, in contrast to similar models, where fuel consumption level exceed 500 liters. The equipment is refueled by the customer.

What is the result of the work?

As a result of work of a surface mulcher, we receive the cleared area of soil, with a chips (mulch) on a surface. When using land for agricultural purposes, we recommend the following processing of the soil with a Hammer-S 2600 rotary mulcher.

Video review of the surface mulcher Picursa Fighter 2600 work

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A rotator is a equipment designed for shredding wood, stumps and the root system. Works with a depth of up to 40 cm, mixing the remains of chopped wood with soil. The result is prepared soil enriched with organic fertilizer. The rotator should not be confused with a mulcher, which can only work on the ground.

In which cases is it used?

It is recommended to use a rotator in two cases. The first is when you have virgin land, cut down trees and no tree and shrub vegetation at all. The second - after previous processing with surface (forest) mulcher.

What equipment do we work with?

We use a rotary mulcher from the Spanish manufacturer Picursa - Hammer-S 2600. We offer it for sale and personal use for farmers. The machine works for a depth up to 40 cm. It shreds stumps, roots of overgrowth and trees, turning it into mulch, and at the same time mixes it with the soil.

Which is the rotator's productivity?

Productivity of the Hammer-S 2600 rotator is from
2 hectares per one working period. We work with our own tractor of 400 hp. A team of highly qualified mechanics provide working 24/7.

Is it possible to uproot with the only rotator?

No and no again! For two reasons. First, the rotator's rotor has the speed of 500 rpm, and this speed is not enough to cut the growth and shrubs on the surface. The forest mulcher has 2000 rpm, and it is the one who must work on the ground. Secondly, it is impossible due to the features of the shape of the tooth. The rotator's teeth are specially designed for grinding of roots and stones below the ground level: the teeth are long, flat, have a different "angle of attack" than the teeth of forest mulcher

Do you need additional tillage after the rotator?

As a result of the rotator's work, the soil becomes loose, mulch is mixed with the soil to a depth of 25 to 40 cm. The soil does not require additional processing, you can immediately seed crops.

Video review of work of the surface mulcher Fighter 2600 (Picursa)

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Need to quickly and efficiently return overgrown agricultural land to crop rotation? The right decision will be complex uprooting.

Complex uprooting is the work of two tractors with mulchers at the same time. We work in two stages:

  • First of all, Fighter 2600 cuts and shreds all wood and growth on the surface to ground level at a speed of 2000 rpm;
  • Next is the Hammer-S 2600 working in one pass, deepening to 40 cm, cuts the stumps and root system, mixing evenly with the ground.

Advantages of complex uprooting

This is the most productive method of uprooting. We work with two units of equipment at once: a mulcher and a rotator. The first stage: the Fighter 2600 mulcher shreds small growth, bushes, stumps and trees up to 40 cm in diameter. After such a complex processing the land is ready for seeding.

What is the productivity of complex uprooting?

Productivity of complex uprooting varies from 3–5 hectares per day (?). It depends on the density of plantings, thickness and type of trees, and how deep the equipment works. Our team of highly qualified mechanics provides the 24/7 operation of equipment.

Where has the wood gone?

Surface mulcher shreds the wood, leaving a layer of small chips (mulch) on the surface. The rotator goes deep into the soil, meanwhile grinding the root system and mixing the natural mulch with the soil, forming a new layer fertilized with organic matter.

What is the fuel consumption?

The main advantage of Picursa mulchers is economical consumption of diesel fuel, up to 400 liters per 1 hectare, compared to similar models of other manufacturers, where fuel consumption reaches 800-1000 liters per 1 hectare.

What is the cost of services?

The cost of the service depends on the volume and complexity of the work. Contact our specialists to calculate previously the cost of work on your land.

Video review of the complex uprooting works

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Uprooting with a mulcher is a modern, efficient and environmentally friendly way of cultivation of the land. Eliminates the negative effects from burning of snags, using of chemical reagents, the involvement of heavy equipment, utilization of stumps.

Uproot correctly - uproot with Picursa!

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