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We offer you used agricultural equipment. The perfect solution when you need to spend money wisely and not overpay.

You can see the equipment on our site, at the manufacture, located in Alexandria, Kirovohrad region.

FIGHTER 2600 mulcher

Designed specifically for shredding branches, shrubs, trees up to 40 cm in diameter, stumps, large branches after deforestation. The equipment works without deepening.

Recommended tractor power from 300-400 hp The most reliable and unpretentious in work, economical fuel consumption, easy to operate

Basic technical characteristics

  • Total width 3060 mm.
  • Working width 2600 mm.
  • Weight 3900 kg.
  • Fixed hammers 64 pcs.
  • Rotor of drum type 65 cm.
  • Rotor speed 2000 rpm.
  • PTO 1000 rpm.

The mulcher is completed with protective hydraulic clutches. They increase the service life of the equipment – are responsible for the smooth transmission of torque to the rotor, protect against overloads, remove peak loads from the belts, gearbox and GDP of the tractor.

You will not find more reliable protection for your equipment. Spare parts are always available in stock.

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Hammer-S 2600 rotary mulcher

Designed specifically for tillage for depth up to 40 cm, crushing roots and stumps up to 60 cm in diameter. Works for depth.

Recommended tractor power – from 300-400 hp. Productivity of equipment – from 5 hectares per day, economical consumption of diesel fuel, the most reliable and unpretentious to working conditions. Spare parts are always available in stock.

Basic technical characteristics

  • Total width 3105 mm
  • Working width 2600 mm
  • Weight 4775 kg
  • Fixed hammers 56 pcs
  • Rotor of drum type 75 cm
  • Rotor speed 540 rpm
  • PTO 1000 rpm

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Palfinger PK 10000 crane

Reliable assistant for loading and unloading. It has an optimum ratio of own weight and loading capacity,, easily folds in the transport position, is mounted on almost all trucks.

Recommended for work in agriculture during transportation of sowing material, mineral fertilizers, grain harvest and other crops in BigBeg bags.

In forestry and repair and construction activities, the crane-manipulator when used with the relevant working bodies, facilitates the movement of various loads, packaged containers, timber, indispensable in repair and restoration, installation and dismantling.

Basic technical characteristics

  • Basic technical characteristics
  • Lifting torque -93.5 kNm
  • Boom outreach – 9.6 m
  • Maximum load – 5460 kg
  • Load capacity at the end of the boom – 1000 kg
  • Angle of rotation -360
  • Net weight – 1200 kg
  • Warranty – 6 months

Why choose a refurbished crane: the cost is 2 times cheaper than the new one, the crane has been moved to new components, a new high-pressure pump has been installed. At the request of the client, we carry out installation of the crane on the car with a guarantee.

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CLAAS AXION 950 tractor

We offer a CLAAS AXION 950 tractor with a power of 410 hp. in the maximum complete set, smart engine management system, low fuel consumption. Recommended for agricultural, industrial and transport works. Thanks to the support of various attachments, the machine is able to perform the following operations – hilling, cultivation, harrowing, plowing, loading and unloading, as well as other agricultural tasks.

Basic technical characteristics

  • Manufacturer – Claas (Germany).
  • Engine type – six-cylinder FPT diesel.
  • Working volume – 8.7 liters.
  • Fuel tank capacity – 700 liters.
  • Oil change frequency – 600 hours.
  • Load capacity of the rear hitch – 11,250 kg.
  • Front wheel dimensions: 620 / 75R30.
  • Rear wheels dimensions: 710 / 85R38.
  • The volume of the wheelbase is 3150 mm.
  • Clearance – 611 mm.
  • Tractor dimensions, mm: Length – 5744, Width – 2937, Height – 3452.
  • Tractor weight – 13 tons.

Completed overhaul of the engine and complete maintenance. A new compressor is installed.

Serviced by an official CLAAS dealer, there is a complete service history. Put into operation in 2017.

If you have any questions, please contact our managers on the contact page.

ER.MO SPEM 8 plow

Time to make the right choice! Plow ER.MO SPEM 8 (7 + 1), manufacturer Italy.
Reliable and efficient, made of extremely durable and wear-resistant materials, Swedish steel Strenx 700 and Hardox 450.

ERMO SPEM plows are able to withstand heavy loads due to the well-thought-out design of the unit. The hydraulic system of regulation of working depth provides ideal plowing on soils of various types.

Basic technical characteristics.

  • Tillage mode: “on-land” and “on-furrow”.
  • Coupling type – trailer.
  • Required tractor power: 250-350 hp.
  • Working width: 280 – 320 – 360 cm.
  • Working depth: 25-35 cm.
  • Frame: 120×200 mm.

The main chassis is made without welding and holes. All supports of racks fasten by means of the steel arms fixed by bolts – accordingly tension at twisting on the main chassis decreases.

If you have any questions, please contact our managers on the contact page.

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