Valentini mulchers

Valentini Antonio Srl is one of the most known manufacturers of equipment for the agricultural, forestry and construction sectors in Europe.

The company’s mission is to create efficient, durable and reliable machines.

We offer the Demonio mulcher (production of the Valentini company (Italy) on the tractor. High-quality mulcher-rotator, which works with a depth of 40 cm, has:

  • rotor width 1.8 m;
  • rotor length 3.3 m;
  • tractor power 257-500 hp

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Demonio rotary mulcher is able to turn rocky soil into arable land, crushing rocks and stones to a depth of 40 cm. Barren land, characterized by trees, undergrowth and large stones, can later be used for vineyards, orchards or more traditional crops. , which significantly increases their value.

Demonio mulchers are also used for laying and leveling rural roads, for crushing rubble. Ideal not only for farmers, but also for companies working in the forestry sector that perform professional work in difficult conditions, using powerful tractors equipped with “superreducer” or “variable” speed drive.

We offer other models of mulchers-rotators made by Valentini for a tractor.

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Recommended models

Mulcher model Working depth Tractor power


до 15 100 - 160


до 25 140 - 215


до 40 257 - 500


до 50 320 - 570

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